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Requirements Of A Good Web Design

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Going digital with a great website is the need of the hour. A business that does well in stores but has yet to be online needs a good website. There will need to be more than just an ordinary website for the business. Certain parameters need to be followed while creating a website design. A website that consistently fulfills users’ demands is the right and much-needed kind of website. Certain requirements need to be fulfilled to cater to the user’s demands. 

Understand the requirements

Just get along with the fact that requirements must be fulfilled when developing a good website. Let’s discover them. 

Mobile Friendly

Online shopping is a real thing these days. Almost 69.4% of consumers shop online. It is because of the convenience of carrying phones anywhere. This is why the website needs to be mobile-friendly. That means that it should work the same way on a mobile as it works on the computer. Features like drop-downs may not work properly on the phone. Ensuring usability across the platforms must be ensured. 

Make an effective visual hierarchy.

The designers use visual hierarchy to show the page’s importance using multiple elements like size, color, contrast, alignment, repetition, etc. Elements need to be arranged in order as it persuades users to discover more. Consumers can distinguish where things appear while looking at a pleasant view. One of the main elements is color which creates a vibe. Users will stay for a bit longer if they get attracted by the colors on the website. 

Great Content

Content is the key to success. What does a consumer do when they use a website for the first time? They just need something to know more about the services they provide. And it only takes 8 seconds to grab their attention. Yes, readers may turn away from your content if they don’t find it attractive. Creating attractive content is necessary. 

Good content will generate immense benefits for the business. It will eventually improve the site score. The user interface and the usability of the website will improve. In addition to that SEO optimized content will help make the content reach the target audience. 

Decrease the load time

Loading feels disgusting. Nobody likes waiting, and the same goes for consumers. They don’t like to wait for long when they are online. The maximum waiting time taken by a customer should be 3 seconds. Consumers will only leave the site if it loads within 3 seconds. The solution to this is optimizing image sizes. It will be beneficial in loading the site faster and preventing the consumers from leaving the website. 


When new visitors come to the website, they need to explore it. It should be designed to make it easy for them to discover every feature. This way, they can easily interact with the website. 

It is supposed to be a key point in retaining consumers. Imagine entering a dark room where everything seems invisible and hard to find. Similarly, consumers can feel lost if they need help navigating a website independently. Then comes the point when the consumers give up and decide to leave the site.

The solution to this is keeping the website simple. Navigation must be ensured throughout with consistency. 

Accessibility for a larger Audience

A website is a platform that a large number of people will use. The audience is diversified. It must ensure that it is accessible to all of them. The audience includes blind people or those with blurred vision and with disabilities like hearing loss and impaired movement, and speech disabilities. 

A good website will include all types of users. It also takes the business one step ahead. Those businesses that provide recognition and accommodation to more people will prosper in their business. 

Features that enable all these users to use the website will greatly impact the website. But one must be kept in mind that the concept of accessibility is not just limited to disabled people. People who do not have any disability should also benefit from the website. 


When your website is good, you can make the consumers look at your featured products. The business can control consumer behavior by providing good offers on the website and highlighting the offer with a call to action. A call to action can be made prominent by using white space around it. It will attract the consumers immediately, and they will take action needed to get on the desired page. 

Attractive web design

Many consumers present online will judge the business by its website. 3 out of 4 users would measure the business’s credibility by looking at the website. The design must look professional. It is essential to gain the trust of the consumers. Many of us tend to look down upon anything that does not have a good design. From clothes to websites, design matters the most. 

For instance, if a car company is making a website, they will have to use the picture of the most recent car instated of a vintage car. People don’t tend to trust those websites that portray outdated stuff. They believe them to be fake and unappealing lacking modern knowledge. 

Moreover, the website’s logo, color, and overall style should be attractive. The color theme should be great so that if consumers visit the website once, they can recall it again. Let’s recall the Japanese research on the atm. They created two atm’s, one designed attractively and the other ordinary. The user liked the attractive atm more. Hence, it got proved that an attractive design beats everything. 

Final Words

Any business or brand can only imagine its profile with a good website. But a good website doesn’t have its respective dos and don’ts. Certain parameters are to be followed by Custom Website Designers. Making it mobile-friendly and using an effective visual hierarchy is a must. The load time should be minimal. Navigation needs to be consistent and easy. It should be accessible to a large audience with an attractive design. 

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